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About MMI

Mass Medical International, founded in 2015 by Dr. George Wu, is a global healthcare consultancy.We specialize in patient referrals from China to US hospitals and continuing education program development at top US medical academic centers.

Delivering the highest quality Medical Second Opinions and International Patient Services, our professional team of multi-lingual patient advocates and case managers work tirelessly to meet the specific informational and cultural needs of our patients.

MMI was built upon the principles of patient-centered care and quality education program delivery to increase access to US healthcare expertise.

We continue to work cohesively with our affiliated hospitals, ensuring that we are we are the best possible consultancy to collaborate with. Thank you for your continued commitment to our Improving Global Access To.... LEARN MORE>>

Health Services

Our health services connect Chinese patients with US medical expertise. Whether our patients are looking for a Medical Second Opinion, Overseas Treatment Services, or an Executive Health Examination, Mass Medical International is the top choice for our patients.

▶ Medical Second Opinion

Our patients find that seeking the expertise and professionalism of US physicians can help to shed light on what may be a difficult diagnosis. Luckily, the hospitals call on only their best and brightest physicians to deliver consults...

▶ Overseas Treatment Services

Some patients decide that they want to come directly to the US for treatment. Usually, this decision is driven by drug or treatment availability, as well as knowledge scarcity around their specific disease type in China. That is why our slogan reads: "Specialty. Focus. Credibility."...

▶ Executive Health Examination

Patients who do not currently present symptoms can work with MMI to attend an Executive Health Examination. This takes place at a US hospital of their choosing, and can be completed relatively quickly....

Continuing Education

Having successfully completed training programs for hundreds of Chinese physicians, our brand in China is gaining lots of traction.

▶ Training Programs

Most groups come here looking for clinical observerships, healthcare management programs, and clinical research opportunities....

▶ Research

We also offer programs for doctors in China looking to obtain research positions in US labs.....


▶ Boston office: 1 Harvard Street, Brookline MA, 02445

▶ Beijing office: Room 2312, South Silver Tower, No. 2 East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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