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2nd Hunan Group Completes Rewarding 3 Month Medical Training

A collaboration between Mass Medical International and Tufts Medical School has produced a mutually rewarding experience for a group of 12 visiting physicians from Hunan province and the Tufts Medical clinical training staff. These Chinese physicians are focused in the fields of cardiology, orthopedics and public health.
Before beginning their 4-week clinical observerships at Tufts, the visiting doctors engaged in intensive English training focused on medical terminology between February and March 2016, which included a general internal medicine course and attending academic lectures pertaining to important medical breakthroughs at Boston area hospitals.

Due to the patience and compassion of the Tufts medical trainers, the Hunan physicians were exposed to the state-of-the-art medical technology at the facility, as well as a high standard of patient centered practice.
Admired the advanced technology in medical care, said Dr. Hao Gong, an experienced cardiologist focused on coronary intervention. opens up the gate to learn about medical development and administration in the US.
Dr. Xiang Sun, an associate chief physician focused on cardiovascular intervention admired the patient-centered approach that the Tufts physicians adopted.
U.S. doctors pay a lot of respect to patients regardless of their medical condition or age, said Sun. China, helpless cases might be ignored and I learned that I should respect life more.”
In regards to orthopedics, Dr. Ling Luo, a director of traumatic orthopedics from Hunan had nothing but positive feedback for mentor Dr. Cassidy.
Dr. Cassidy is very optimistic about patient treatment and pursues perfection and is detail oriented, said Luo. He will always be my mentor.
Dr. Cassidy, in turn, had reciprocal admiration for Dr. Luo.
Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the ability to share information,Cassidy explained. âreally appreciated Dr. Luo expertise; at one point I changed my surgical plan due to his observations and he actually contributed to patient care.
As they concluded their observership training in late April, all members of the Hunan team feel optimistic about their experience and look forward to returning to China to resume their clinical practice.

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