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English Fluency Courses Offered at Mass Medical International

Living and working overseas can be a stressful experience, especially in regards to speaking a second language. Since English is the lingua franca that all countries use to conduct business and relay top academic information, it is necessary to communicate using this language on a regular basis, especially while living in an English speaking country.
While many visiting physicians and medical professionals living in the Boston area possess a strong background in written English and are familiar with the grammatical concepts, they often have had little or no experience interacting in English with native English speakers before they arrived in the United States. As a result, visiting professionals often lack the preparation to deal with a fast-paced working environment that is often conducted only in English, with little or no translation.

At Mass Medical International, English fluency courses are now available for foreign nationals who are already employed or studying at Boston area hospitals or universities, particularly for those with a medical background. These courses are offered free-of-charge and will occur twice a week, usually on Thursday and Friday. Class sizes are limited at 15 students to maximize student interaction. Students are encouraged to RSVP on Event Brite for each class that they wish to attend to ensure that class sizes are not too large.
Yang Liu, a visiting Chinese plastic surgeon who is conducting research at Brigham and Womens Hospital claims that the time frame (4:00pm-6:00pm) is convenient for him, as is the location in Brookline, directly adjoining the Longwood Medical area.
The class is very appealing because the teaching method is very good,says Liu.
The teaching method to which he refers follows a student-centered, interactive guideline laid out by most ESL schools, focusing on group work and task based learning, rather than teacher-centered lectures and grammar exercises.
Xiaoying Ding, an endocrinologist at Tufts Medical Center claims that many Chinese people have a hard time listening and speaking in English because of the limited opportunities in China.
I had a rewarding experience learning English (at Mass Medical International), says Ding.
Jianhua, a neurologist and researcher at the Harvard Institute of Medicine claims that the class is very helpful for him.
The teacher encourages people to speak up and interact, he says.
If you are interested in attending future seminars. Please contact Adam Szot, the General Manager and Training Coordinator at Mass Medical International. From there, an Event Brite link will be sent to you.

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