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New Hope for a Cancer Survivor

Miss Ye has what seems to be a normal life for a successful, modern day woman. She lives and works in Shenzhen with her husband. Her son attends university at a top school in the US. Miss Ye likes to drive fast cars, and travel with her friends. She is one of the happiest and easygoing people that I have ever met. Miss Ye has lung cancer.
Following her free and easygoing spirit, Miss Ye and her husband set out from Seattle after dropping their son off at school. Armed with a diagnosis from their doctors in China, their medical records, pathology slides, and CT scans, they flew into Boston with only the legend of exceptional medical care carrying them along.

Upon arrival, the pair found their way into my office at 1 Harvard St. We greeted them with a cup of hot water and a smile as we began to discuss their situation. Miss Ye had been given medication by her doctors in China, and wanted to get a professional opinion from our knowledgeable doctors in Boston.
After accepting our services and presenting the necessary materials, we were able to translate their medical records and secure Miss Ye an appointment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute within two days of becoming our client. The appointment was made within a week of their arrival in Boston.
For most of our patients, these appointments are made well in advance, before they come to the US. This shows how our experience team, whether in the US or in China, can deliver results under pressure.
After staying here for six weeks, receiving treatment, and consulting with her doctors, Miss Ye was told to return to China. Her tumor has shrunk by 50%.
After talking with her about her success, Miss Ye credits the recovery not to medicine, doctors, or advanced treatment plans. Miss Ye believes her positive attitude is what helped her heal.
She said, “I never complained. I never got down on myself for getting sick. There is no one to blame. I am focused on surviving, and living a fun filled life. That’s all.” Her outlook on life is inspiring, “Lots of people get sick and think too much. My thinking is simple: conquer this and move on.”
I asked her if she wanted us to obtain her updated medical records from the hospitals. Her initial reaction was to tell me she didn’t want them. Her belief is to finish with something and be done with it. She believed the records would remind her of the past and impede her recovery, so we are sending the records to her husband for safe keeping.
This benevolent woman came with two leather suitcases, and she is going home in the same fashion. Resilient, steadfast, and unbroken, Miss Ye is a testament to the power of positivity in the fight against cancer, and dear friend of our company. Thank you, Miss Ye! And congratulations on your recovery!

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