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The treatment of breast cancer: looking for a slim chance of survival overseas

Ms * *,* years old,four years ago she was diagnosed for breast cancer,breast cancer radical operation and breast shape reconstruction operation were performed in the domestic, and postoperative pathological diagnosis showed: invasive ductal carcinoma (low differentiation). After the operation, Epirubicin + paclitaxel adjuvant chemotherapy was done for  cycles (on the  cycle, we started with herceptin-targeted therapy for one year ), and the Local radiotherapy for  times. After three years, it was shown breast cancer metastasis , along with carcinoma differentiation. She was transferred to Cancer Hospital of domestic authority for treatments, docetaxel + cisplatin chemotherapy was done for 6 cycles, but the effect of chemotherapy was poor, so she was informed of no better treatment plan by domestic experts.

In the case of hopeless treatment in the domestic, Ms **’s families made contact with the Massachusetts Medical International through introduction.  After knew Ms **’s detailed conditions as well as presently the latest treatment available in America, medical experts of Massachusetts Medical International advised her going to America soon to buy time for treatment. Recieving the identities of Ms ** and her families,  the colleagues of Massachusetts Medical International Beijing and Boston branch took actions immediately. Firstly, they rapidly translated medical records, the Boston branch admitted the appointment application to Harvard University affiliated Brigham and women's hospital with the fastest speed, at the same time helped deal with the matters such as the visa applications, ticket booking and apartment renting in America of Ms ** and her families. So In less than two weeks, Ms ** recieved the American Brigham and women's hospital’s appointment letter. Due to extensive prepartions at the early stage, Ms ** spent less than one month from deciding to go to America to boarding to the plane.
After Ms **’s flight landed at Boston Airport, the staff of Massachusetts Medical International Boston branch had been waiting at the airport. Giving their warm wishes and flowers, the American staff sent them to the already selected and rented apartments, introduced the related accompanying staff during the medical treatment in America, and discussed the schedule in America. Because Ms **arrived there three days ahead of appointment, the accompanying staff first took Ms ** and her families familiar with the general environment around the apartment and Boston, including Chinatown.
On the day of appointment, the accompanying staff arrived Ms **’s apartment  ahead of time to send them to the hospital, and assist in registrating . It took two hours to meet the doctors firstly, the doctor asked in detailed about her situation in the domesic, and examined the related domestic materials, finally she was informed that the materials were not comprehensive, it was requried to make some examinations to determine the type of her breast cancer, thus determining the treatment plan,  the inspection results could be got within a week.At the same time , the doctor told her the possilble treatment effect, and prescribed some drugs to  relieve  the disease. For the first visit, the comfortable environment of the American hospital and the serious and meticulous attitude of the doctor brought Ms ** more hopes. The American staff of  Massachusetts Medical International participated in the entire process of Ms**'s treatment process, and provided help and convenience as much as possible.
After one week, second meeting the doctor,  the doctor told that Ms **was the three negative breast cancer, and provided potential treatment options. Ms **first hoped to participate in the clinical trials that were carrying out, but after talked with the doctor, because her tumor developed rapidly, she needed to treat immediately and was not suitable to wait for the trials to carry out, finally chose the traditional chemotherapy regimen based on Eribulin (not yet listed in the domestic), and made the chemotherapy regimen.
During the period, as Ms **’s condition was serious, sudden high fever after the chemotherapy,  in an emergency the company decided to immediately take Ms** to the emergency department of Brigham and women's hospital, under the close coordination of decisive treatment of emergency doctor with many doctors, Ms **’s symptoms alleviated after a nervous and sleepless night of the Massachusetts Medical international colleagues , MS** and her families. In the subsequent chemotherapy, Ms**'s chest and lymph tumor has been significantly improved. During chemotherapy, MS** and her families also visited many places in Boston, experienced the American culture and spent a relatively easy time. With the further stability of MS **'s condition, after consultation with the doctor, her doctor agreed MS ** to go back to continue recieving chemotherapy in Hongkong where Eribulin could be obtained and determined the treatment plan in Hongkong, telling her to communicate with the American doctor if there was any other questions at any time. After treatment for nearly two months in America, Ms **has regained hope in America after no better solution in the domesitc. Now Ms** only needs to recieve chemotherapy regularly in Hongkong, going on her own life and hope.

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